9to5 Pets Author Biography

Born on January 1, 1956, in Liverpool, England, Ms. Catharine (Cat) Leone is considered one of today’s leading news reporters.

The daughter of an Scottish Fold mother and an Arabian Mau father, Cat’s kitten-hood was spent in Iran attending a state-run British prep school before shaming her family by going to Brown University in the United States.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Cat went to work as an on air radio reporter and producer and was quickly promoted, leaving her less attractive peers in the dust. In 1980 Cat went to work for CNN, the cable news channel, and was fired in 2000 amid rumors of mice in the work kitchenette. Since that time Cat has been a contributor on the McLaughlin Group, the Huffington Post and Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Cat has covered many of the world’s most dangerous conflicts and devastating events including, the battle of South Sandwich Island during the Falkland Islands Conflict, 1982; that time when a country you’ve never heard of had an ethnic war; and two hobos fighting over a clean pair of underwear.

During her distinguished career, she has won nine Emmy Awards and countless Peabody Awards, which they give to anyone.  She is currently trying to increase her web hits by writing a blog about animals that work in shops and other places.

Cat has been married to a Scrooge McDuck plush toy since 1998; the couple has a son named Darius.


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